This is what our customers are saying about Enviro-Bricks!


"I just found your Enviro-Bricks for the first time at our local Tractor supply and they are just wonderful. I have tried several different products in my new wood stove but so far your Enviro-Bricks work the best for they burn clean, hot and for alot longer than others. This is my first time seeing Enviro-Bricks and I so pleased to have found them and hope I always can. They are very great at keeping my Little house warm and cozy."

"Thank you for such a great product."

Britton Guild


“I did as suggested in this ad and bought a pack from ace hardware, After burning it for 4 hours and seeing it was nowhere near done I decided to buy a ton, This stuff works as advertised, I put 6 blocks in my wood burner last night at 10 and woke up at 6:30 to find a good size lump of bright orange coal in there and still throwing out plenty of heat, I will use this stuff from this point forward, Price is higher than a cord but you get what you pay for and this stuff will definitely last longer than a cord of wood, I went thru a cord of wood in less than 30 days, It looks like I can burn 2 packs per 24 hours so with 81 packs I am looking at 40 days, and NO mess!!”

Dan Dixon



“We are using them to heat our home, and so far we are pleased with them. We have an old wood stove we moved back into the house a couple of years ago when the price of fuel oil skyrocketed. We had been using wood exclusively, but after reading about your product we thought we would give Enviro-Bricks a try.”

“They burn well, lasting longer than wood of comparable size. The only thing one might find to complain about is you should wear gloves when handling the bricks, otherwise the tiny splinters will get you. Over all, we have found the Enviro-Bricks an excellent option for heating our home.”



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