Our New Enviro-Brick compressed sawdust fireplace fuel is far superior to other fireplace fuels. When compared with cord wood our Enviro-Bricks burns longer and require half the storage space as cord wood and come prepackaged in plastic and are much cleaner than cord wood. Enviro-Bricks are much cleaner than coal to use with much less soot output.

Enviro-Bricks are environmentally friendly as well. Enviro-Bricks are considered carbon neutral for CO2 output because the CO2 emitted when burned is much less than the trees turn into oxygen while growing. Coal and other fuels extract CO2 from the earth and emit into the atmosphere having a negative environmental impact compared to Enviro-Bricks.

Contact your Local retail fireplace store for more information on Enviro-Bricks or contact us for dealer information if they are not available in your area.