In 1988 Dwight Kratzer started Walnut Creek Planing as a Custom Molding company. In 1999 the company shifted its focus to Hardwood Component Manufacturing for the furniture, stair part and door industry. Today the company has blossomed into a major supplier of hardwood components, such as boards, mouldings, butcher blocks, stair components, countertops, and much more, as well as Enviro-Bricks.

Walnut Creek Planing takes great pride in supplying only the highest quality hardwood finished goods and hardwood components while being very efficient. We achieve this quality by sourcing the best green lumber available and then the we carefully dry the material in our state of the art dry kilns.  The machining of this high grade lumber is handled by our highly skilled team of operators and graders using highly automated equipment to ensure we deliver only the highest quality products. Enviro-Brick are then made with that hardwood byproduct. The byproduct is ground in to sawdust then compacted with 24,000 pounds of pressure creating the brick that rounds out this efficient, green process.  

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